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FAQ Page2016-12-23T23:13:08+00:00
Why choose NameWay?2016-12-15T19:54:53+00:00
What kind of names do you accept for listing?2019-07-13T04:20:01+00:00

NameWay®’s objective is to provide a site which features quality brandable domains.  Our goal is to keep our marketplace the highest and most streamlined user experience. In most cases they are short and meaningful or have unique attributes.

NameWay® holds the right to which domains to approve for listing on the NameWay® Sales Platform. This benefits the buyers user experience which benefits you, the seller. Our team’s combined 3 decades of experience in branding companies provide the knowledge you need.

Can I remove my domain(s) from NameWay®?2017-04-19T05:35:08+00:00

At any time you may request to have your domain(s) removed from NameWay®, and they will continue to be listed for 30 days from the time of your notification.

Do I need to list my domain(s) exclusively with NameWay®?2017-04-19T05:34:31+00:00

Absolutely not! We feel the domain holder(s) should explore all avenues for resale.

How do you verify I own the domain name?2019-07-13T04:20:27+00:00

When listing a domain name at NameWay®, it is required that the domain holder verifies ownership of said domain(s).

Must I re-direct my site to NameWay®?2017-04-19T05:35:17+00:00

No, however it is encouraged, this will allow visitors to your site to know it is for sale on NameWay®. Please contact us for more information.

How will I get paid?2019-07-13T04:21:00+00:00

NameWay®’s policy is to utilize an outside domain escrow service. In most cases the Buyer pays for the escrow fee(s).


What is NameWay®’s commission?2017-04-19T05:34:49+00:00

NameWay® takes a 20% sales commission fee of the selling price.

What is NameWay®’s listing fee?2017-04-19T05:34:55+00:00

NameWay® does not charge a listing fee.

How do I submit my domains to NameWay® for listing?2017-04-19T05:33:38+00:00

Submitting your names to NameWay® for our review is as easy as filling out our Sellers registration form and uploading your domain(s) in the required platform for review. Enter “Submit domains for review” on the subject line. A member of the NameWay® team will get back to you as soon as they have been reviewed.

How often are new domain names added?2019-07-13T04:22:16+00:00

NameWay® adds names to our portfolio regularly, sometimes daily even.

Do your domains come with existing trademarks or international registration?2019-07-13T04:22:40+00:00

Usually not. Our domains can be purchased by anyone for any use. While NameWay® may have registered trademark domain names in our portfolio, we don’t trademark a domain beforehand just for the sake of trademarking.

Can I trade you a domain I own for one on your website?2019-07-13T04:22:58+00:00

Though we appreciate your interest, we do not accept barter deals or trade offers. NameWay® is an open marketplace, so the domains listed are not all necessarily owned by us. However, if you own domains that you feel might be a good fit for our market, you are always welcome to submit it to our team for review for possible posting. Not all domains submitted will be accepted. NameWay® reserves the right to refuse and domains submitted.

What is a domain registrar?2019-07-13T04:24:21+00:00

Domain name registrars are organizations that are accredited by ICANN to sell and register domain names.The domain owner’s contact information is stored with them and can be viewed when you do a “WHOIS” domain name search.

I’m interested in a name, what do I do?2019-07-13T04:24:46+00:00

To purchase a name through NameWay® please contact us via our contact us form, email us or call us direct at 1.800.536.5100. Please have specific details of your needs so we can expedite assistance to you.

Does NameWay® take offers?2019-07-13T04:25:45+00:00

At NameWay® we will help you acquire an affordable name and that is worthy of what you are trying to accomplish. A brandable domain name that holds true value will become invaluable to you. While we do show a list price, we are always willing to discuss options with you. Contact us today at 1.800.536.5100 so we can secure the name you want.

Is the logo included with my purchase?2019-07-13T04:26:03+00:00

Yes it is. If there is a sample graphic logo featured with the domain you are interested in, the logo comes with the domain name.  You can choose to use it or not, that’s up to you. NameWay® will send you the original graphics file upon request. If you choose not to use the logo, it does not change the price of the domain name. If you would like our creative team to design a custom logo for you please contact us.

How long does the domain transfer take?2019-07-13T04:26:18+00:00

Once your payment has been cleared we start the domain transfer process. Depending on the domain registrar where the domain is currently registered, and the registrar that you prefer to use, the time table can be approximately 1-8 business days.  If you choose a different registrar than where the domain is currently registered, ICANN has a mandatory waiting period of 5 days that starts after the current owner has approved the transfer.

What payment options do you accept?2019-07-13T04:26:34+00:00

Depending on the domain name we may be able to accept credit card payments, Visa or MasterCard on domains under $5,000 (USD). Domains sold above $5,000 (USD) may require bank wire transfer or an escrow service.

How does it work?2019-07-13T04:27:07+00:00

NameWay® brokerage service will ensure transfer of the domain upon payment.

What do I get when I purchase a name?2019-07-13T04:27:26+00:00

After purchasing your domain name from NameWay® you will become the owner of the domain name. Said domain will remain yours as long as you renew your registration with your domain name registrar yearly or for whatever term you have chosen. If you have chosen to lease a domain name through us, you will after the term of the lease may be able to purchase the domain name or it will be up for sale again.  If your domain had a sample graphic domain logo featured with it, then we will also send you the original graphics file upon request.